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Austin Payment Solutions
Small Business Consulting

We offer the best rates, solutions and service in the industry! 

Voted #1 Best of the Best new business because of what we do!

Why Austin Payment Solutions & Small Business Consulting?

What We Do


We have partnered with industry leading companies to ensure our customers only have the best of the best when it comes to processing platforms, point of sale providers, marketing, business startup capital and cash flow consulting. We care about our clients and we advocate for them when they need us the most! That is why we have our motto, "We take on BIG business and to get a WIN for small business!". 

Committed to Service


Acting as a liaison, our friendly, professional team will go above and beyond, offering their industry expertise to allow you to focus on your business. We will  also deliver the highest value service to our merchants while offering lowest possible rates and making sure that your expectations are being met by the companies we partner with! 

We are different!


As a client and service-centered business, our goal is to maintain strong relationships with our merchant and by accessing your specific needs and using the vast number of options at our disposal. We are committed in delivering a processing experience you can’t find anywhere else.

we help all business types and help specality businesses!


Restaurants & Retail

We know how difficult it is for our restaurant and retail clients to succeed. Having a platform to assist you with tracking and controls is critical and that is why we have developed relationships with today's top POS providers. We have the processors to back up 99% of all platforms out there, we know their secrets and know how to get a win for our clients! 


High Risk Industries

Our country has become more and more accepting of industries that are legal at the state level but not at the federal level...causing the lack of options for "high risk" businesses. Austin Payment Solutions has partnered with companies who specialize in high risk industry types like medical marijuana dispensaries, CBD products, glass shops and so much more. Today these very profitable business types are often mistakenly helped with companies not designed or ready for them. This leads to revoking processing abilities and delayed payment choices for their clients. We will do it the legal way and build the infrastructure needed to be bankable for the future when we move forward at the federal level. We have the tools and experience to ensure sustained service and solutions.  

Disclaimer:  Wells Fargo does not board high risk merchants, as well as some of our other partners but we will find the processor who will.

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